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Petroleum Technology Solutions (PetroTecsol) and its predecessor companies have demonstrated capabilities in geoscience, engineering and finance. We also provide our clients with a partner team with cumulative industry experience of +100 years. Our projects resume is as follows:



E&P technical services and Resource provision contract  (2012-2022)

Beicip-Franlab is recognized as one of the industry leaders in providing E&P Consulting services. PetroTecsol has completed a five year contract with Beicip-Franlab for provision of technical services and resources in the domains of Geology, Geophysics and Petroleum Engineering. This contract has been extended for another five years. This is an ongoing project in which we have collaborated with Beicip-Franlab in several projects in Pakistan.

Asset Evaluation and Marketing of Exploration Licenses (2018)

Carrying out comprehensive Asset Evaluations and preparation of Information Summaries and Information Memoranda for six Exploration Licenses of an E&P company in Pakistan.  We are now actively marketing these Licenses for farm-out to local and international companies.

Due Diligence Report and Preparation of Binding Offer for an E&P Company (2017)

Carried out a comprehensive, Technical, Financial, Legal & Regulatory Due Diligence of an international E&P company for acquisition by a local E&P company. Subsequently we prepared a Binding Offer and provide related advisory services to our Client.

USAID funded consulting project in upstream oil and gas

for Directorate General Petroleum Concessions, Ministry of Petroleum (2014-2016)

Project was awarded by Advanced Engineering Associates, International under USAID contract for Energy Policy Program. The scope of the program included a broad range of consultancy services for DGPC via specialized expertise in policy, legal, regulatory, technical and operational aspects of upstream oil and gas. The program duration was Jan 2014 to Oct 2015 comprising of both long term and short-term consultants.

Review of Opportunities in Gas Fields of Pakistan


High-level review of over 200 gas fields of Pakistan to screen them and identify opportunities for commercial exploitation of undeveloped and under-developed assets.

Gas Fields Engineering Review Study (2012-2013)

Carry out a complete engineering review of two gas fields in the Middle Indus to determine the remaining production potential and formulate a program for revival of gas production from the fields.

Project Management of Exploration Blocks Bid Preparation in Egypt 2012

Project managed exploration blocks bid preparation for a European E&P affiliate in North Africa. This assignment was carried out in the client’s office and comprised of overview and coordination of all G&G, RE, project engineering and economic evaluation activities for five exploration blocks on offer. After screening, comprehensive packages for internal peer review of two blocks were prepared and all documentation required for submission of the bids for the exploration was prepared. Evaluation of all five blocks was fully documented including summary report and several close-out notes. Lessons learnt session was also held and documented.

Exploration Blocks Evaluation 2011-13

Evaluated three exploration blocks in Pakistan for a Canadian independent and put together a comprehensive evaluation package. This involved detailed assessment of the exploration potential of all three blocks, identification of prospects, their development scenarios in case of discovery and the assessment of their economic value based on full-cycle economic evaluation for P10, P50 and P90 cases with sensitivities. Updates of this work were carried out in 2012 and 2013.

Field Compartmentalization Study 2011

Executed a special purpose field study for a Major oil company based in Pakistan. This involved carrying out full geophysical, geological and reservoir engineering review of the mature oil and gas field to establish an independent view on compartmentalization of the field. We were able to provide additional arguments supporting the client’s case and provide some further insights into the field, which the client had not yet recognized.

Oil & Gas Fields Review Indonesia 2011

Carried out subsurface assessment of a group of oil and gas fields in Indonesia for an E&P company considering participation in these assets. This involved reviewing all available geological, geophysical and engineering data and earlier analyses to assess the present and future potential of the fields for the client. Critically reviewed the Operator's re-development program, comprising mostly of a large number of new wells, and provided our view on the likely results of the program and how it can be optimized.

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